Made by AOL, having an AOL mail login allows you to access it through web. Better yet, it is free. AOL mail is also called AIM mail. AOL Instant Messenger is what AIM means. Note that this is AOL’s instant messaging service. For 2016 summer, AOL has a new look. In the more recent years, this has been one of the important changes for the company.

An my mail is free and gives you many features:

(a) Unlimited email storage
(b) Attaching documents and files with a maximum of 25 mb
(c) Expiration of your login after a 90 day inactivity
(d) SMTP, POP3, and IMAP supported protocols
(e) Connection to email accounts for email providers such as Gmail and Hotmail
(f) Displayed advertisements in the email
(g) Automatically disabled embedded hyperlinks that may be activated again
(h) Protection from viruses and spam
(i) Spell checking of emails before sending
(j) Accessibility of the full AOL buddy list with an AIM Panel, showing if buddies are online
(k) Sponsored and popular web shortcuts
(l) Unsending email to other AOL mailboxes or AIM
(m) Besides, access to domains such as,,, and
(n) HTTPS/SSL support after log in

If you want to know more about access to a mail login, just do the following steps:

(1) Place on the address bar in the web browser like Internet Explorer, for example. Search and click the image that shows an email picture. Also, you may click “SIGN IN | SIGN UP” link as you will see in the right part of the page. login

(2) Then you will be shown the mail login. There is the option for you to simply go to

aol mail

(3) Place your Email or your Username in the first field. Then place your password in the next field. Next click the button that says “Sign In.” It would be colored blue so you can access your email.

(4) When you unfortunately forget your password, click the hyperlink to that says you forgot your password. mail login

(5) If you choose to reset your password, AOL will make you go through the procedures to reset your password. Right before you start, AOL will ask a couple of questions. This will guarantee that you have a secure account. You have to place in your Email or your Username. Place the characters as you see them to show that you are not a robot. Finally, click “Next.” mail login

(6) If you would like a new and free username with AOL, just do the following steps starting with the web site, or simply go directly by clicking on the “Sign In” button and to particularly get a username that is free.

aol mail login

Actually, AOL has an email program. It is called AOL Project Phoenix. This was made by AOL. The new program has a Quick Bar wherein you can send texts, emails, and AOL messages. In addition, it allows people the capability to send emails to around 5 accounts. It also features a search function that can load dates, pictures, addresses, and attachments sourcing from emails. Before during its phase for testing, AOL Project Phoenix can only be accessed through invitation. By September 2001, AOL stopped its Project Phoenix work.

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